Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Linen on the Line

I thought I loved Kaufman Essex Linen/Cotton blend, until I discovered Brussels Washer Linen. 

Its so delicious. Its soft, airy and yet just a little drapey. Its 55% Linen 45% Rayon

This is black piece is yarn dyed Essex Linen which I also really love. Its softer then 100% linen because it is a blend of linen and cotton. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Colette Crepe

I really enjoyed making this dress. Its really quite easy as their are no sleeves and a pattern which works well with those whose bra cups are more then size A or B. An issue in some other pattern companies that drives me bats. 

I drafted the skirt quite a bit longer. I don't like short swingy skirts. I think they look ridiculous on the hips, the same way I think tall tall heeled shoes make women mince in a ridiculous unattractive fashion. 

The fabric is 100% cotton from the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic collection. I love the weight of it. Its more drapey and soft then regular broadcloth type cotton. 

Here you can see the way the skirt folds. I am very pleased with it. Of course I made it in one size too big. Grrr.. I do that lately. Having lost more then 40 lbs after the birth of my son, I cannot seem to reconcile my mind to my new size. 

The back is open and looks very feminine and soft. I lined the entire neckline with cotton crochet lace which I ordered from Dharma Trading Co.

Have mercy on my pictures. I had to heavily alter them. My photographers were my own beloved MrB, and my 8 yr old son. 
I highly recommend this pattern. Especially if you want a fool proof wrap dress. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Peony dress and Easy Simplicity

I made the girls coordinating dresses. I love dressing them alike but not matchy matchy. I was very pleased with these dresses despite having made Sumyrs dress a little big, which is not a problem, as this just makes that she can wear it that much longer. 

Sumyrs dress is from the Etsy seller Ruby Jeans Closet and it is the Peony Dress
And Laylas is the Simplicity pattern 3511 for little girls. 

Layla's dress was extremely easy to sew. It always turns out crisp and clean and is almost impossible to mess up the pattern. Its perfect for a busy little girl in the summertime, as it is free flowing, and easily pulled on and off. 

They loved having all my attention devoted to a little photography session. But started to get a little perturbed in the end. 

Of course the hemline is all wrinkled by now. Its my pet peeve seeing beautifully sewn garments photographed all in a wrinkled mess. But it was impossible to keep those little legs still. I did a little row of machine embroidery around the bottom edge. It gives it a barely visible touch of whimsy. 

I used a light pink ribbon in the casing of Sumyr's dress, which tied it in nicely with the pink embroidery on Layla's dress. Sumyr's dress fabric is from Fabric.com and is a white lawn with the lace panels already attached. It was on sale for less then $5 a yard, so I got 4 yards. I have quite a bit left and am excited to use the rest. 

This picture is just for anyhow. She is such a busy, capable little person. 

I highly recommend the patterns from Ruby Jeans Closet. They are truly easy to sew with very clear precise directions. The patterns come in a huge array of sizes. I cut the biggest size and then just fold down to the size I want to preserve the pattern for when she is older. The sleeve on the pattern also gets an elastic casing, but I chose to leave them as little flutter sleeves. I lined the whole body of the dress with white muslin. 

I am in love with the romantic vintage look. 

I got the vintage lace from Victorian Trading Co online. It comes in a spool of 10 yards for $12.99. Its quite sturdy and washes well. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Banded Boy Bubble

Creations by Michie' The Banded Boy Bubble. 

I had quite a hard time with the directions, and made the outfit at least 2 sizes too big. 

The outfit is sweet, and looks quite vintage. I did not gather the bubble pants, but instead chose to put an inverted pleat in the front and back on the sides.

I got very confused on the back of the pattern, and made a mistake that is quite visible I thought. I did not tack down the waistband, instead they do not meet in the back by at least an inch. 

The collar is darling, and frames his cheerful little face perfectly. I will make this again, and I will get it right. Its what I get for not making up a muslin for the first time. 

Top: 100% Cotton Voile
Bottom: 100% Cotton broadcloth
Button snaps

Monday, May 13, 2013

New Blog and Past Projects

This my dear friends who I cannot see or hear, is my sewing blog. You are welcome to explore this barren land, which shall remain barren only a little bit, as I shall assume my duties on filling this delicious blog with all kinds of fabulous items which I shall construct out of yardages of soft fabrics. Please come back and visit when this land starts turning lush and verdant with projects.

Simple little girl lace gloves. These took about 10 minutes to make. And made my little princess fan so very happy. 

A tiny little dress made from pattern Simplicity 3511. Easy and quick to sew, and a favorite pattern for its easy breezy wearability. 

Is that the dirty laundry basket in the corner? Nevermind, look at the dress, the dress is the point my friends!

Could you resist that cloud of hair? No, neither can I. 

My personal blog is located here.